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Cranleigh Motor Club was founded over 50 years ago and is a group of people of all ages interested in competing in motorsport and Motor Club activities at a grass roots level.

Professional uk Motorsport can be expensive to compete in without sponsor's etc. but in Cranleigh Motor Club all our events are designed around using a standard road car with event entry fee's normally just £10 per car and a whole year's Motor Club membership will cost just £10

The club can be regarded as a starting point for a career in uk MotorSport, or simply a leisure activity.


What do we do in uk Motorsport?

We promote a variety of motor sport competitions to enable our members to enjoy well organised competitive events under the rules of the Motor Sports Association [formerly part of the Royal Automobile Club (RAC)] which Cranleigh Motor Club is a Recognised Motor Club .


The March Meander Nailly is on the 15th March. Regs available in Downloads now.

The Jolly Goodfellow 12 Car is on the 10th May. Regs available in Downloads now.

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